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Cappadocia Balloon Tours and Balloon Flights over Goreme Valley, Rose Valley, Red Valley, Zelve Valley and Kapadokya.
Flights are operated  by Kapadokya Balloons, Goreme Balloons, Ez-Air Balloons, Kaya Balloons and Anatolia balloons

Flight via balloon sport, whose initial existence in the world reaches to the end of 18th century, is also densely drawing attention in our country. For long years, as well as it is performed with the aim of individual sports, city tours with balloons are also performed during regional activities in touristic regions of our country.

Balloon takes off with heating of liquid propane gas filled into it. You can stay on air for long periods with a calm flight under appropriate wind (under 10 km/h). Directing balloon, whose appropriate flight height is between 500 - 1500 feet, altitude gain and loss, change its speed can be made easily by an experienced pilot easily.

For more info about Cappadocia Balloon Tours visit CAPPADOCIA BALLOON TOURS at  www.cappadociaballoontours.com

Tour Code LRT 100/A Regular Balloon Flight
Preparation of the equipment takes about 30 minutes and the passengers are welcome to help or to take photographs as they wish. Inflating the balloon is a spectacular experience in itself! The flight time averages 1 and a half hour, including both low contour flying and also going high enough to see the whole landscape from above, we are constantly changing the altitude. Also we usually fly two balloons together to create an “aerial ballet” for the passengers. After the landing and pack-up of the balloon, we offer a celebration of a special “Cloud 9 Cocktail” made with the excellent local champagne and present the personalized flight certificates to the passengers as a memory of the day. Passengers are transferred back to their Hotels in Cappadocia  for breakfast. All our guests can plan a Cappadocia Tour on the day after Balloon Flight in Cappadocia.
   Flight time
  90 – 100 min  Flight
  200 EURO  Per person
  8 to 10 passangers.
  Coffee & cake, Champagne (after the flight), Flight certificate, Transportation from / to hotel,
  Full passenger insurance
Tour Code LRT 100/B Sponsored Short Flight
Following the pick-up from the hotels in Cappadocia, passengers are taken directly to the pre-designated take-off field and the balloon is quickly airborne following the safety briefing.
60 minutes of flying over the scenery of Cappadocia including both low-level and some high altitude flying. We offer soft drinks and cake at the landing and before the transfer to the hotel we present the guests with their personalized certificates.
   Flight time
  55 - 60 min Kapadokya Balloon Tour
  140 EURO  Per Person
  10, 12 or 20 passangers.
  Coffee & cake, T-shirt & cap, Flight certificate, Transportation from / to hotel,
  Full passenger insurance.
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In the event of cancellation of the flight due to bad weather conditions, we will make a full refund of any money paid. You may cancel your reservation  up to 24 hours before the flight date with no charge, or you can change the date of your flight by calling +90 (0384) 341 7077. In case no cancellation is made, it will be regarded as a NO-SHOW and you will be charged in FULL.

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